About Us


Our Philosophy

Learning through beauty and imagination  

My goal is to help other mothers spark the fire for learning in their children by providing beautiful and engaging resources with out extra work or time.

Our Story

I’m Ashley, a mama to 3 living just outside of Nashville in a log cabin. I am a maker of art and all things educational and decorative.

I am an elementary teacher by trade and decided to stay home after the birth of our first child. Before teaching, while in school, I was able to pursue my love of the arts through a little Etsy shop. I love creating, its in my blood you could say. My maternal grandfather spent his retirement crafting stain glass and my paternal grandmother is the most creative woman I know.

As my daughter grew, so did my desire to help educate her in richness and beauty. She has always been drawn to nature so that where my interest followed and my creating began. I started making things for nature days with neighbors. I love learning about new topics and helping bring them to my children through art.

Where does the name Honeycomb Cabin come from? A honeycomb is where bees keep their young, food (energy), and fruits of their labor. To me our little log cabin does just that. We are raising our wee ones here as well as pouring ourselves into its restoration. All along the way we are trying to build lasting memories to feed the soul. Our home is my Honeycomb Cabin, a place to create, educate, and inspire.

I hope to share my creations, help you educate your children along with mine and inspire you along the way……to be everyones Honeycomb Cabin.


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