Spring Bundle of Bundles Sale | Charlotte Mason Nature Studies Educational Spring Bundle


Over 60% off of retail this LIMITED time bundle of bundle will help you learn more about

  • Nests
  • Egg anatomy
  • Robins
  • Koi fish
  • Frog life cycle
  • Mallard ducks
  • Roosters
  • Chicken life cycle
  • Snail anatomy
  • Leaf shapes, Leaf margin/tips/bases, Leaf types, Leaf anatomy
  • and more.

This sale is only for a limited time so grab this amazing deal fast!

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It includes 4 of our popular spring bundle themes and a few other spring resources


Nesting Birds bundle-

Nests- Nest types Mini-poster
Nest types 3-part cards
Nest types info cards
Edible Nest Recipe (new)
Nest word cards
Nest bunting
Egg anatomy mini-poster with blank student sheet
Egg anatomy cards
Egg types mini-poster
American & European robin life cycle mini-posters, Info graph mini-posters, Life cycle cards, life cycle spinner and sequencing activity

Pond bundle-

Life cycle of a frog mini-poster with student blank
frog life cycle 3-part cards
frog life cycle sequencing activity
frog life cycle bunting
Koi fish Anatomy and student blank
Koi pond info mini-poster
Koi fish development info graph
Koi pond student drawing prompt
Mallard duck anatomy mini-poster and student copy with word bank
Mallard duck info graph
Mallard egg, male, and female info cards
Pond word and letter cards
Pond zones mini-poster and cards

Chicken bundle-

Anatomy of a Rooster and student blank
Rooster info graph
Life cycle of a Chicken mini-poster and student blank
Chicken life cycle 3-part cards
Chicken life cycle sequencing activity
Chicken Egg facts and egg colors mini-posters
What you need to get started with a chicken coop
Chicken letters and word cards
Chicken life cycle bunting

Leaf bundle-

Anatomy of a leaf mini-poster and student blank
Leaf shapes mini-poster
Leaf shapes 3-part cards
Leaf arrangements mini-poster
Types of leaves mini-poster
Common leaf margins, tips and bases
Leaf venations mini-poster with student activity blank
Leaf word and letter cards
Leaves bunting

Snail Anatomy and student blank

Plus a few extras

Nature table in a click with these Spring bundles! Everything you need to set up an engaging and informational nature corner. Popular Spring bundles in a new easy to read format!

These are made using my original artwork and are for personal use or single classroom use only. Reselling is not permitted.


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